Providence cracking down in illegal dumping

By News Staff

Reporting by Ana Bottary

Providence is making moves trying to crack down on illegal dumping in the city as eight new cameras have been installed at different spots all over the city.

Mayor Jorge Elorza is stepping up the penalties to put an end to the illegal trash piles that are seen throughout Providence.

"They prove very, very effective in other cities and towns throughout the country. We’re sending a message to those who have committed these acts in Providence that it’s not going to be tolerated anymore," says the Mayor.

Illegal dumping has been going on for years in the city, creating eyesores in many areas. In the past people were fined a small fee if caught, but that was not putting an end to the problem.

Now the Mayor hopes the eight newly installed cameras, which cost $8,000 a piece, and a hiked up fine of $1,000 for first offenders, will put an end to it.

Chris Husband knows first-hand what it’s like to live next to an illegal dumping site as the lot across from his home became a hot-spot for the activity.

"People see lots, come by with their cars, and say, ‘this is an empty lot, let’s just throw it in here.’ And it takes a long time to clean it up," says Husband.

He says it’s not just the trash that causes a problem, "It brings another problem with the gathering of people, and then that bad element comes in."

Husband says he’s glad people are being held accountable for their trash, but he thinks the bigger issue is that people don’t know here to get rid of big items that the trash collector won’t take.

Either way, Mayor Elorza says they’re fed up. "We’re not going to allow it and we are going to prosecute these cases very, very aggressively," he says.

The new cameras are mobile and can be moved around to different dumping hot-spots across the city.

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