Providence distillery introduces oyster-distilled vodka

They say the idea came to them while they were celebrating a year in business with oysters and cocktails.

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Tucked away on the site of the former Providence Steel and Iron Company, in the Valley neighborhood of Providence, sits a distillery that lays claim to the title of first distillery in Providence since prohibition.

Industrious Spirit Company CEO Manya Rubinstein says, “We make vodkas, gins, bourbons, and specialty spirits, all completely from scratch.”

The Industrious Spirit Company faced a rocky situation right from the start.

Rubinstein says, “We opened right at the beginning of the pandemic, not an ideal time to open a business.”

But, they were able to adjust on the fly, and after a year in business, the staff went out to celebrate.

Rubinstein says, “We were enjoying ourselves, having some cocktails, enjoying some oysters, and we started thinking ‘how come nobody’s ever combined these?’”

So they did.  They say it’s the first of its kind in the US.

Rubinstein says, “It’s called Ostreida.  It is a vodka distilled with oysters.”

They use regional corn and oysters, with an environmental spirit and an eye on sustainability.  A portion of sales from every bottle will be donated to an organization that supports sustainable ocean farming.

As for the taste?

Rubinstein says, “It’s got this sort of briny minerality to it, combined with the natural creaminess of our spirit base which is from the corn, and so these two things really come together in this lovely way.”

The vodka is available at their location in Providence, as well as liquor stores in Rhode Island, and it’s coming soon to Massachusetts.  They’re celebrating with a launch party this Sunday at the distillery.

Visit their website for more information:

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