Providence FD hosts open house

PROVIDENCE –   The Providence Fire Department hosted an open house, Saturday, demonstrating their work to the community.

"We have firefighters repelling off the public safety complex behind me…” explained Peter McMichael, Providence FD Fire Marshal.  There were multiple demonstrations, Including controlled burns, maneuvers, and mock rescues, teaching the young and old about emergency situations.  "We really want to stress to the community the importance of fire safety in the home,” said McMichael.

The event came at a tough time for the department, which is still fighting a heated legal debate.  The Providence Mayor recently eliminated a platoon shift, and scheduling firefighters to work roughly 14 hours extra. In response, one aunt and niece came to show their support.

"They want to cut out overtime and everything like that. I want her (niece) to see that they do work hard,” said Lisa Bazzle.

Lisa Bazzle and her niece McKayla explained that firefighters run in their family.

"I have two uncles that were firefighters,” McKayla said.  "I want to show her the other side of what firefighters really do,” added Bazzle.

The two showed their appreciation when the department may need it most.  "They deserve every penny that they get,” Bazzle said.