Providence Firefighters Lose Bet Over Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl at the Washington Street Firehouse means taking more than a few timeouts to respond to calls.

“When the bell lights up, we have to go,” Charles Williams said. “It's show time. All bets are off.”

All bets except for one from the New York Fire Department.

“If the Giants win, we have to send them 25 of our company T-shirts,” Dan Rinaldi said. “If the Patriots win, they have to send us 25 of our firehouse T-shirts. That's the wager.”

For the players, a Super Bowl victory comes in the form of a ring. For these firefighters, the token is a T-shirt. The trash-talking began long before the final score.

“We're going to need 15 larges and 10 extra-larges,” Rinaldi joked. “I want them pressed and in the mail by tomorrow afternoon.”

Unfortunately, with the Patriots loss, Rinaldi's department will have to take a trip to the post office. However, they promise to be good sports.

“It's all just about having fun, the back and forth and trash talking,” Rinaldi said. “But at the end of the day, we have the up most respect for them and we would never not uphold our part of the bargain.”