Providence gang member poses as street worker

It's a disheartening situation for Executive Director of the Institute for Non-violence, Teny Gross. A gang member posed as one of his "street workers" to try and interfere with a murder investigation.

"It's deception, it's dishonest,"says Gross.

Police brought a 16-year-old in for questioning during the murder investigation of Afghan War Veteran Colby Mendonca. He was stabbed to death outside this Walgreens on July 11th.

18-yr-old Erico Montalvo has already been charged with Mendonca's murder, but police were looking for his accomplices. During their questioning, 23-year-old Angel Flores tried to interfere. He sat in on the interview, convincing police he was a street worker for Teny gross, and was required to be there.
Flores was disruptive during the interview, telling the teen "he didn't have to talk". Police contacted the institute to figure out who he was.

"They checked, they called, they get very quickly an answer and they knew they were lied to…so this is an example of actually a relationship that worked very well,"says Gross.
Gross says it's not the imposter that upsets him, it's the black eye this puts on the institute's reputation of doing good in the lives of troubled teens.

"It's sensitive for us, we don't like to see it. the police is holding the young man accountable, hopefully the young man will draw the conclusions and learn from it and grow from it,"says Gross.

Flores has been charged with obstructing police. The investigation into Mendonca's murder continues.