Providence girl hit by dirt bike had multiple surgeries

By: ABC6 News Staff

Reporting by: Abbey Neizgoda

A three-year- old Providence girl injured in a hit-and-run is fighting for her life. Dianna Lynn has undergone three surgeries since the accident Wednesday night. Police say it happened just after 8 o'clock. A dirt bike came the wrong way up one way Gladstone street and struck the girl. The driver then took off.

It happened in front of a group of neighborhood children who were outside playing. Neighbors sprung into action to help the little girl.

“Her body was lying on the floor. She didn't move or nothing,” said Ryan Ferras, a middle schooler who witnessed the hit and run.

Dianna is in the hospital. Her family tells ABC6 News that Dianna Lynn has been on the operating table so much she still doesn't have a permanent room.

“A lot of people are going to the hospital. She has a lot of visitors,” said the girls uncle, Anderson Jaber. “A lot of prayers going on.”

Police are searching for the driver of a green and yellow bike. He's described as a Hispanic male with long hair. He's believed to be in his twenties. So far no arrests have been made.

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