Providence grandmother attacked by alleged MS-13 gang member

By: Alexandra Cowley

Ann Santos can barely walk after she says she was attacked by a member of the MS–13 gang. She was threatened and hit before her husband heard the commotion and jumped into action.

“It came out of nowhere, nobody ever, ever hit me in the face,” explained Ann Santos.

65–year–old Ann Santos is recovering after experiencing a nightmare just steps from her front porch.

“I heard somebody outside hollering, swearing, you name it he was saying it,”said Santos.

Santos says late Thursday night, she was watching TV in her kitchen, when she heard screams from outside. When she went to check it out, she realized her daughter, who lives on the second floor with her two kids, was already yelling at a group of 3 men.

“He's yelling at my daughter, saying all gods name under the sun,” she said.

So Santos stepped in and told him to back off, and that's when the threats started.

“He's going to burn my house down with everybody in it,” Santos explained.

According to the police report, the men identified themselves as members of the MS–13 gang. Santos said he had a tattoo that read “MS” on his chest.

“He jumps over my fence, and sits on my steps, and then he gets up and he' s kicking in my front doors,” Santos said.

That's when Santos' husband, Dennis, woke up and came outside.

“My grandchildren were upstairs they were looking out the window, and out of nowhere, he whacked her and knocked her down,” said Dennis Santos.

At that point, Dennis said his instincts took over.

“I grabbed him by the neck, and wrestled him to the fence here, and held him here until the cops came,” he said.

Police arrested 22-year-old Carlos Chamorro and charged him with felony assault on a person over 60.

This attack is the last straw for Dennis, who says the gang activity has gotten bad in the neighborhood.

“I just want to get out, I want to move out, I want to get out of the neighborhood,” explained Dennis.

But feisty Ann, says she'd do it again, if it meant protecting her daughter and grandkids.

“I don't care how old I am, I protect my family,” said Ann.

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