Providence group home shut down amid abuse claims

By News Staff

A Providence group home is shut down after multiple reports of abuse to residents and the death of a resident in February.

The Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals (BHDDH) took action Friday to close the College Park Apartments on Mt. Pleasant Avenue. The home is set close on Friday, March 25th.

The College Park Apartments is a state-run group home for adults living with developmental disabilities.

In February, a female patient was sent to Roger Williams Hospital for a broken leg. X-rays of the patient’s leg showed signs of abuse. BHDDH immediately launched an investigation. 6 days later, though, the patient died of sepsis.

Then, earlier this month, another alleged abuse occurred.

Five employees, including the home supervisor and four personal care attendants, have been placed on immediate paid administrative leave pending an investigation by Rhode Island State Police and the Attorney General’s Office. The rest of the staff at the facility will work under BHDDH supervision as  the remaining 14 residents are transitioned to new homes.

“We will not tolerate mistreatment of patients anywhere in Rhode Island, including and especially inside group homes under our management. And we will not hesitate to close a group home when residents are at risk,” said BHDDH Director Maria Montanaro.

“BHDDH has worked with the staff at College Park Apartments on corrective actions multiple times during the past year, but after the most recent findings of mistreatment and allegations of abuse it is clear that to keep their residents safe, we need to move them to new homes and close the group home. We will continue our investigation in coordination with the Office of the Attorney General and State Police and hold the appropriate individuals accountable," she added.

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