Providence Man Arrested In Family Dollar Robbery

There have been nearly a dozen local robberies, all of them at Family Dollar stores. Providence police say they now have the man responsible for at least one of those robberies, and he could be connected to the others.   

This is a case both Pawtucket and Providence Police have been involved in, and they're telling us they're not done looking into it.

It's a sight that's become all too familiar to local police, surveillance video showing a robbery at a Family Dollar Store. In this attack from the Dexter Street store in Pawtucket last month the robber wore a black hoodie and pointed a gun at the clerk huddled on the floor.

There have been 10 other robberies at other nearby Family Dollar stores, and police say they now know who robbed at least one of them on Chalkstone Avenue in Providence.

22 year old Alex Robinson was found Wednesday night in a car with a gun. He's also charged with robbing Academy Farm Convenience in Pawtucket twice and holding up A and I Convenience Store in Pawtucket, which was robbed the same day as a Family Dollar.     

Officers are looking into whether Robinson had anything to do with the other Family Dollar robberies.

Family Dollar officials tell ABC6 they're glad someone was caught. They've been working with both Pawtucket and Providence police for awhile, even offering a thousand dollar reward to solve the crimes.

Pawtucket police tell us they believe Robinson may have had a partner. No word yet if that person has been caught.