Providence mother charged with child abandonment

By: liz tufts

    A Providence mother won't be seeing her 1 1/2 year old son this Christmas. A judge ordering her to stay away, after she left him at a local store.

     35–year–old Desiree Pope walked into Kent County District Court with blood shot eyes and a look of exhaustion. She hasn't seen her son since Wednesday. That's when a shopper found him all alone inside a Dollar Tree store in Cranston. “He was sleeping but really lethargic, he wasn't moving much., ” says store manager Kevin Wentworth.

     Kevin Wentworth, the store's manager, took over from there. “We made an announcement calling for someone to come up, to get the mother. But the toddler's mother was no where to be found. Police say after she left the Dollar Tree store, Desiree Pope went to several other stores to finish up her Christmas shopping. She then ended up at a bus stop. Police say she took the bus all the way back to Providence, and that's when she finally realized she didn't have her son with her.  When she realized it,  she took the bus back to the Cranston police station to report her son missing.

   The judge wanted to know how a mother could forget about their own child. Pope's sister says there's an explanation. She tells ABC 6, Pope has suffered from mental health issues since she was a teen. It's been under control for years, but has been off her meds so she can breastfeed her son.

   Pope was ordered to stay away from her son until her next court appearance. That's not until the end of February. For now the child, is staying with his father.