Providence moves to evict Skyline over lease agreement violation

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The city of Providence is moving to evict Skyline at Waterplace LLC, claiming the owners have failed to maintain the property.

In a letter to Micahel Lepizzera, the lawyer representing Skyline, the city alleges that there’s been several complaints about the condition of the establishment, including trash, waste, furniture, and kitchen equipment left outside.

“The City has made multiple requests that Skyline maintain the area and keep the premises in a clean condition,” read the letter. “Skyline has failed to do so, and this continues to be an ongoing problem and concern.”

Skyline is also accused of failing to provide documentation of all improvements, repairs, and maintenance made between Dec. 1, 2019, through the end of the lease.

“To date, your client has not provided the City with any of the required documentation,” wrote Jillian Barker, senior assistant city solicitor, in the letter to Lepizzera.

Skyline now has until May 4 to provide those documents. If they fail, Barker said the city will “seek payment of rent” from Dec. 1, 2019, through Aug. 1, 2023.

In a statement to ABC 6 News, Lepizzera countered by saying that the city’s claims are “flat out erroneous, wrong and form absolutely no legal basis to evict Skyline.”

He added that the city owes Skyline $54,134 for overpaid rent.

“Skyline [will] respond to the complaint by vehemently denying the frivolous allegations,” he said in part. “It will also be filing its own complaint against the City for the return of tens of thousands of dollars of overpaid rent.”

Skyline looks forward to its day in court!” Lepizzera added.

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