Providence murder victim’s family reacts to suspect’s arrest near San Diego

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Authorities near the US – Mexico border Saturday arrested Michael Domenech, wanted for the murder of Cory Vargas in Providence last month.

Vargas’ family is somewhat relieved.

“I think I’m moving toward feeling more closure,” said Vargas’ cousin, Shannon dos Santos. “And hopefully the whole puzzle will come together eventually. But at the moment I am feeling a little bit of peace.”

Vargas still can’t wrap her head around the fact that her cousin was murdered on Swiss Street on September 24.

“That was difficult to hear,” she says, fighting back tears. “He was so young.”

Dos Santos acknowledges the 31-year-old had a criminal record and served time in prison, but says that’s not how she wants to remember him.

“He had so much going for him,” she said. “He was so smart. He had hopes of going to a trade school.”

But despite the pain of losing him, dos Santos, is actually expressing empathy for Domenech.

“He’s 35,” she said. “And he’s got a family, and what they’re going through. And he is still here. And that’s going to be hard to deal with too.”

Dos Santos says she wants to start something positive to change the vicious cycle of hatred and violence.

““I believe there had to have been a different way to handle whatever it is that happened,” she said. It has to start somewhere.”

Vargas’ brother tells ABC6 he’s also relieved the suspect has been caught, but he still feels a long way from closure.

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