Providence Police Department employee charged for selling classified records

By: News Staff


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – A longtime Providence police clerk was arrested and faced multiple charges including a felony for selling the police reports she works with.

36-year-old Rosemary Garcia of Cranston is the Providence police clerk in question.

According to police, she was printing out a large amount of unredacted accident reports and then selling them to a chiropractor.

Police were tipped off about Garcia’s scheme so they started monitoring her work computer inside the Records Department of the Providence Police Department.

Normally each document printed out is paid for. However, detectives watched Garcia print out several accident reports, pick them up from the printer, and when she felt no one was watching her, she would shove them in her bag.

The reports were unredacted and had information in them that would not be available to someone picking up a report.

When her shift ended, police watched her drive a couple minutes down the street to New England Spine and Disc Center on Broadway and then saw a chiropractor, Doctor Eugene Kramer, come outside and take the accident reports from her.

Police believe Kramer was having his employees cold call these accident victims asking them if they needed help with neck or back pain.

After speaking to undercover with Dr. Kramer, police eventually arrested Garcia.

Providence police leaders are now hoping this does not tarnish their reputation.

Garcia is officially charged with access to a computer for fraudulent purposes and wrongful conversion. She has been suspended without pay.

Police say they have conducted a search warrant of that chiropractic office.

It is still unclear if the doctor will face charges for buying these accident reports off of Garcia.

This story is still developing and ABC6 News will have much more tonight on at 5 p.m.

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