Providence Police Sgt. Joseph Hanley testifies, says victim “wanted to be arrested”

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- Rishod Gore concluded his testimony after a second day, against Providence Police Sgt. Joseph Hanley on Friday.

After less than 15 minutes after taking the stand, Gore was dismissed by Judge Goldman, telling Gore that ‘his obligations to testify in this trial were completed’.

Right after, Sgt. Hanley took the stand in Providence District Court on Friday, defending his actions against Gore in April of 2020.

Hanley and his defense team began the direct examination by thoroughly diving into his over 17 years of experience in the field; and all of the training Hanley had over those years.

Defense team highlighting specifically; defensive tactic trainings, how to correctly handcuff a suspect and when it is appropriate to use a ‘compliance strike’.

Sgt. Hanley and his defense team even did multiple visual demonstrations for the Judge- showing what moves Hanley did that night- step by step while reviewing the body camera footage.

“You use the amount of force necessary to overcome the resistance you’re met with,” Hanley told Judge Goldman.

Hanley demonstrated that he was kneeling on Gore’s back, rather than his head and neck.

Further Hanley explained these were moves he used on Gore, are done by police to quickly inflict a small amount of pain on the subject to distract them from further resisting against the police.

“He was fighting. We have been using the word ‘tensing’ to be polite, but nothing about his actions that night were polite,” Hanley recalled about Gore’s actions.
Hanley explained to the judge that the forced that he used on the night of Gore’s arrest was necessary.

Sgt. Hanley even went as far to say that Gore “wanted to be arrested.”

Cross examination from the prosecution began against Hanley- but was not finished.

The prosecution argued, Hanley struck Gore in the head and did not try to deescalate the situation, like they believed Hanley should have.

The trial will resume on Thursday, March 11 at 9 a.m.

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