Providence Priest Indicted by Federal Grand Jury on Child Pornography Charges

Providence, RI (WLNE) – A federal grand jury returned an indictment on child pornography charges against a former Providence priest. On Wednesday, the grand jury determined that there is enough probable cause to move forward in the federal case. James Jackson faces federal charges of receipt of child pornography and possession of child pornography. In addition, Rhode Island State Police charged Jackson on the state level with possession of child pornography, transfer of child pornography and child erotica prohibited.

Rhode Island State Police arrested the 66-year-old Father Jackson back in October. Jackson had been a priest at St. Mary’s on Broadway in Providence. The Diocese of Providence released a statement saying Jackson is no longer allowed in the ministry and the office of pastor. Shortly after RISP arrested Jackson, federal investigators announced that he would also face federal charges in the case.

Colonel James Manni of RISP said the Internet Crimes Against Children unit, or ICAC, had been investigating the transfer of child pornography over the internet. Manni said ICAC traced the internet connection to 538 Broadway in Providence, which is the address of St. Mary’s Church on Broadway. ICAC task force members then served a search warrant at the church and rectory.

According to a news release from RISP, Father Jackson was identified as “the owner of digital media allegedly involved in the possession and transfer of child pornography and child erotica”.

The Diocese of Providence released a statement after Jackson’s arrest stating that he is now prohibited from the ministry and from exercising the office of pastor.

Jackson is out of jail on bail. He was granted permission to stay with a family member in Kansas. As a condition of his bail, he had to give up his passport and agree to have no contact with anyone under age 18.

Jackson is scheduled to be arraigned on the federal charges at 2pm on December 21.

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