Providence Public Safety Commissioner Asks When Occupiers Plan to Leave

              Despite questions from the City's Public Safety Commissioner about when protesters plan to pack up and leave, the occupy movement in Providence doesn't plan on going anywhere. Saturday will be one week since the first tents were set up at Burnside Park, there are now over a hundred.

              Tonight, students at Brown University will occupy their main green. All just want their voices heard, because for some, their voices are all they have left.

              Steven Pare says the park needs to be prepped for winter, but the people say they're not going anywhere. When the temperatures drop, campers say they plan to bundle up.

              Protestors are camping without a permit and tell ABC 6 they don't plan on getting one. Steven Pare was out of the office today, but said in a statement Thursday that he wants this protest to remain peaceful and avoid having to make arrests, but has asked when they plan to leave, occupiers say not anytime soon.