Providence residents want neighbor’s yard cleaned up

By Ana Bottary


Tires, old clothing, and broken wood are just a few of the things you can see piling up from the driveway of 532 Union Avenue in Providence.
Justin Souza, whose backyard connects with the property, says from his view, it’s much worse.
"It just keeps piling up, and piling up. Scrap metal, trash. There’s been rodents, foul odors," said Souza.
Over the past year, Souza tells ABC6 he has contacted the city dozens of times and says they told him they’re looking into it. As of late, the situation has become worse and is starting to affect his home.

"It’s pretty bad because now the stuff is against the fence and it’s kind of breaking my fence. The rodents do make their way into my house. They chewed up all the walls, they’ve chewed up wires. They’ve actually ruined the property, going to be honest," says Souza.

ABC6 reached out to the city. They say they are aware of the property, saying Souza’s complaint is just one of several made over the past few years, due to the condition of the yard. The city also says there have been fines issued to the home-owner in the past. After completing a Google Images search of the home, and the trash is visible from the aerial view.

Souza says enough is enough, and would like to see proper action taken, "The winter is coming, and I just want to see it get clean."

The city says they are actively looking into the home, and following up on the complaints. As far as when the home will be cleaned up, they say they are taking all of the proper actions for resolution.

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