Providence school-zone speed cameras activate Monday

This is a file image of a Providence school zone speed camera. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — All throughout the city of Providence tomorrow, traffic cameras in school zones resumed operations on Monday.

City officials said that on all school days, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., cameras will begin issuing both warnings and tickets.

Cameras being placed in new locations will issue warnings to violators for the first 30 school days in their locations. Tickets will begin being issues on November 1.

New camera locations are as follows:

  • Smith Street at Eaton Street
  • Hartford Avenue at Longo Street
  • Prairie Avenue at Ocean Street
  • Eaton Street at Roslyn Avenue
  • 812 Douglas Ave.
  • 961 Eddy St.
  • Dexter Street at Daboll Street

Existing camera locations that will resume operations and ticketing on Monday include:

  • Union Avenue at Waverly Street
  • 156 Reservoir Ave
  • 500 Hope St.
  • 93 Cranston St.
  • 187 Douglas Ave.
  • 179 Thurbers Ave. eastbound
  • Blackstone Boulevard South at University Avenue
  • Bridgham Street at Fales Street
  • Branch Avenue at Burleigh Street
  • 417 Charles St.
  • 301 Butler Ave
  • Across from 114 Olney St.

The Providence Police Department said if a vehicle is caught by the camera driving 11mph or more over the speed limit, a violation will automatically be issued.

Violations will then be reviewed by police and an outside vendor who manages and maintains the cameras.

Once the violation is reviewed for accuracy and information is verified, it is then mailed to the driver for payment. The first, and each subsequent fine is $50.

Increased signage in areas where speed laws are photo enforced will be placed in areas with new cameras.

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