Providence Students Ring Wall Street Bell

It was a national stage for two Rhode Island high school students. They rang the opening bell on Wall Street Monday.

The students, from the MET School in Providence, have won a national honor for building a business on their own.

They never thought they would experience anything like it. They are two young entrepreneurs who came up with a business idea, spent their whole summer putting it together, beat out thousands of other students and ended up on Wall Street.  

Anthony Defilippo and John Novas stood high above the New York Stock exchange for a thrill of a lifetime.

“Just ringing the bell, everybody taking pictures of you, watching you. It's great,” said Defilippo, “I never really experienced something like that.”

“It was just like a dream,” said Novas.

The pair certainly earned it. They worked all summer on their bracelets.

“What we did is we make social awareness bracelets that incorporate non precious stones, which is rocks to support the growth of poor villages, where the stones originate,” said Novas.

It had been a whirlwind two weeks for the pair. They got third place out of 20-thousand high school kids across the country at the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.     

Their prize was 35-hundred dollars to get  their company Earth Custom Designs up and running.  

The teens said they would use the money they won in the competition to start manufacturing their bracelets for the masses. They already have some stores in the Providence area interested in buying their product and a web site is in the works.