Providence Superintendent: “Don’t send your child to school if someone in your household has symptoms”

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): A total of 3 students and 2 staff members in the Providence School District have tested positive for COVID-19, since the start of the school year, according to school officials.

Harrison Peters, the Superintendent of Providence Schools, wants to make sure parents understand when not to send their child to school.

“Do not, and I repeat do not send your children to school if they have symptoms,” Peters said. ” If there’s someone in the home that has symptoms or tested positive don’t send them to school.”

Laura Hart, a spokesperson for Providence Schools, said this goes for students who don’t show any symptoms.

“People need to understand even if a student is asymptomatic, if someone in that family has tested positive and that family has been told to quarantine don’t send your child to school,” Hart said.

When asked if students could face disciplinary action if they don’t follow these rules, Peters said their goal is just to support and help families.

“Just because you’re feeling well doesn’t mean other people can’t get infected,” Peters said. “Please don’t come to school. Let’s make sure we are keeping each other safe.”

There has been 1 student at Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex in Providence that has tested positive. As a result, 7 students and 2 staff members are now in quarantine.

There have been 2 students at Providence Career and Technical Academy that tested positive. As a result, 38 students and 9 teachers are in quarantine.

There was also 1 staff member at Carnevale Elementary School and 1 staff member at Webster Avenue Elementary School who tested positive, but both had minimal contact with students, according to Hart.

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