Providence woman stops fire from spreading

Providence woman stops fire from spreading

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): A woman’s quick thinking helped prevent a fire from spreading on Admiral Street in Providence on Sunday afternoon.

“I looked out the window, the whole fence was lit up on fire,”  Mariah Dacier, a witness, said. “My anxiety was through the roof, I just didn’t know what to think or what to do.”

The homeowner, Ruby Gil, has been living in her home since the ’80s and sprang into action.

“I was in pajamas, and I just got out right away,” Gil said. “I opened my house, and I think pretty much I saved my house and I saved the other rest of the house.”

Gil said she grabbed her garden hose and started spraying the fence as the flames threatened her house and her neighbor’s house.

“It was crazy, trying to save both houses at the same time,” Gil said. “I was screaming for people to call the fire department. The fire was so powerful. When the fire department came, we were both with the hose. I was with the hose, and they were with the hose at the same time.”

The Deputy Fire Chief, Steve Capracotta said this stopped the fire from spreading inside either house.

“There was more damage to the exterior and to the windows,” Capracotta said.

The Red Cross is assisting one family of three adults but no one was hurt.

“I feel like a hero today. I feel proud, and I’m glad my tenants and everybody is in good condition. Material, you can get any time, it doesn’t matter. Life is more important.”


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