Quiet day, but heat starts moving in

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) –Quiet day for the area as we see mostly sunny skies.

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With the winds out of the west we will see the temps heat up.

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What is a “Heat Dome”?

It’s an area of High pressure that sets over part of the country for an extended period of time.

In the summertime our jetstream retreats up in Canada, and this allows these heatwaves to settle in. 1 Jet Stream Pattern Skylar

When you have high pressure, the air sinks to the ground and the air compresses and that causes the air to heat up. High pressure systems are associated with nice weather and sunny, clear skies. This decreases any chance of cloud formation or convection to provide relief from the rising temps.

And because the jetstream is so far north, you can sometimes get grid lock when the high pressure is really strong and it gets stuck in place. You need an area of low pressure to help move it along.



2 Jet Stream Pattern Skylar

Expect the heat to work its way into the area. A Heat Advisory is in effect from 11am Thursday through 8pm Friday.

To avoid heat exhaustion/ heat stroke make sure you do the following:

  • stay hydrated.
  • take frequent breaks in the shade if outdoors.
  • check on the elderly and those without air conditioning.
  • bring pets in, give them shade, and plenty of water.


TODAY: High 89. Sunny.

THURSDAY: High 91. Hot and humid. Late evening thunderstorms.

FRIDAY: High 94. Sunny. Heat index value will be in the 100’s.

SATURDAY: High 90. PM T’storm.

SUNDAY: High 81. Partly sunny.

MONDAY: High 82. Mostly sunny.

TUESDAY: High 79. Mostly cloudy; humidity returns.

WEDNESDAY: High 78. Cloudy and humid.

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