Rhode Island’s oldest bookstore closes

By: Chelsea Priest, cpriest@abc6.com

Tyson's Rare and Old Book and map Store has been open since 1924. Originally located in Providence, ten years ago the shop moved to East Providence when Johnson and Wales bought the building it was in. for a while business was great. But now, almost 90 years in business, and with the title of Rhode Island's oldest book store, Mariette Bedard, who  has owned the shop herself for 40 years decided to close the doors.

Bedard says she isn't closing for economic reasons. She thinks it's time to turn the page and retire and also spend more time at home. She explains though, that there is plenty she will miss, “well, the daily meeting of people, and customers that I've known for a long time. Some go back 40 years, and they still come in.”

At the end of this month, this chapter will close for Bedard. She will continue to sell her rare and old books online, and will also think back fondly on her time in the shop. She says, “its something I've done for so many years, I haven't stayed home for long periods of time it's going to be an adjustment, but I have memories, and I have a lot of books!”