R.I. Congressman reacts to impeachment vote

One of the 232 votes for the impeachment of President Trump came from Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – One of the 232 votes for the impeachment of President Trump came from Rhode Island Congressman Jim Langevin.

“So let history show that we did not look the other way when Donald Trump violated his oath of office, we voted to hold him accountable,” said Langevin following the vote.

Langevin and Congressman Cicilline, who was named an impeachment manager, both voted to impeach and charge the president with inciting an insurrection, following the deadly attack on the Capitol last week.

“Hundreds of domestic terrorists did what Donald Trump wanted them to do – they seized the Capitol, and tried to end our country’s 234 year experiment in democracy,” said Cicilline during his testimony.

“It’s so tragic, something that I never thought that I would see as a member of the United States Congress. In 20 years, I’ve never seen anything this bad before,” said Langevin.

Ten House Republicans joined the Democrats in voting for impeachment. Congressman Langevin hoped for more, but said many are concerned about their political futures, and their safety.

“I’m concerned certainly for the safety and security of the members of congress and their family. I don’t know what the next level will be that these extremists – where they will take this. It’s important that everyone be vigilant,” said Langevin.

The articles now go to the Senate for a trial. It’s been reported current Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t plan to hold a trial before President-Elect Biden is sworn in, setting up another historic process of possibly convicting President Trump after he’s out of office.

“The further remedy would be, what is the punishment? And that could be taking up a bill that would permanently bar him from ever running for President of the United States again,” said Langevin.

The president released a video and statement Wednesday aimed at quelling any possible further violence.
Congressman Langevin said he hopes these events have shown the President that his words carry weight with millions of people.

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