R.I. gyms will reopen Monday with restrictions

After three weeks, the state pause will be lifted Monday and gyms will be able to reopen.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – After three weeks, the state pause will be lifted Monday and gyms will be able to reopen.

“This is the news we’ve been waiting for for three weeks,” said Owner at Burn Boot Camp Julie McKenna Alavian.

Gym owners say they’re ready to hit the ground running.

“We’re just really grateful, really happy, and our teams are super excited and we’re ready to open,” said Planet Fitness Franchisee Stephen Lukin.

There will be more restrictions in place: there can only be one person per 150 square feet, and members must remain 14 feet apart from each other when indoors.

At Planet Fitness, Lukin says you can even check a ‘crowd meter’ on their app before going to the gym.

“Everybody’s super excited just for the opportunity to have a large, safe, clean facility to come to, to de-stress,” said Lukin.

Owners say the new restrictions are actually what they were hoping for, and something they’d already been doing at their facilities beforehand, in addition to increased sanitizing and mask wearing.

“We have had 14 feet of space between all of our members,” said McKenna Alavian. “We’re very confident that what we have implemented will provide a safe space for everyone.”

They also say they’ve heard from many members over the last few weeks who were missing their outlet to de-stress, especially around the holidays.

“They need a place where they can go after work where they can release and to make themselves feel better physically and mentally, so for many of our members, it really took a toll,” said McKenna Alavian.

The concern going forward is that because gyms were shut down, people may not feel safe going back. Owners say they’ll continue doing everything they can to put members at ease.

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