R.I. nurse returns home after fighting pandemic on front lines in NYC

RHODE ISLAND (WLNE) – South Kingstown native Taylor Campbell volunteered to go to New York City and fight the coronavirus pandemic on the front lines.

She left Rhode Island at the beginning of April and began working at Metropolitan Hospital in New York City.

“This was a different side of nursing that I’d never been a part of before,” said Campbell, who previously worked as an emergency room nurse at Rhode Island Hospital.

The first patient she treated in New York City arrived at the hospital unconscious.

“I knew that her daughter had died five days prior from the coronavirus. That was all I knew about her,” said Campbell.

She diligently stayed by her patient’s side.

“Every day I would go in and I’d talk to her about the weather. I’d brush her hair,” said Campbell. “She was my family and I feel like I was her family.”

After 12 days of treatment, her patient finally turned the corner.

“Her eyes were wide open and she was looking at me. I quickly shut the sedation off and I had her squeeze my hand and I had her wiggling her toes. It was really exciting and very emotional,” said Campbell. “We took the tube out and put the BiPAP machine on her– which is this mask that covers your nose and your mouth but you can still see her lips, and she looked right at me and said ‘I love you.’ And I just started crying.”

After 21 days of saving lives in New York City, Campbell finished her rotation and returned home to Rhode Island. Her family gave her a hero’s welcome.

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