R.I. Senate passes resolution condemning violence at the Capitol, calling for removal of the President

State senators voted to condemn the violent riots at the capitol in Washington D.C. Tuesday night, less than a week after it happened.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – State senators voted to condemn the violent riots at the Capitol in Washington D.C. Tuesday night, less than a week after it happened.

The resolution also called for President Trump to be removed from office, claiming he drove the angry mob into the building.

“His words incite action! And we needed to take action to respond to his words,” said resolution sponsor Senator Dawn Euer.

Senator Euer said it is up to legislators to restore the public’s trust, and that it starts right here in Rhode Island.

“This really is about standing with tyranny, or standing for democracy,” Euer said. “It doesn’t matter that we’re at a state legislature. Really, we’re on the front line of so many crises and we need to take a stand for our country.”

In the days since the attack on the Capitol, Representative Justin Price, in now deleted tweets, said he had been protesting at the capitol before it was attacked.

Many state officials have called for him to resign since, though some senators Tuesday night shied away from echoing those calls.

“Like every other American he has an opportunity to voice his concerns and raise his voice,” said Senate President Dominick Ruggerio. “I don’t think he did anything illegal, so that’s up to him and his constituents.”

The companion legislation to the resolution is being introduced in the House next week by Representative Brandon Potter, who was also the first legislator to publicly call for Representative Price to resign. ABC 6 has since reached out to Representative Price for comment multiple times, but has not heard back.

“I think it’s really critical at this time that we have accountability across the whole spectrum,” said Representative Potter. “So starting with the top on down, from the President of the United States that incited a violent mob to storm our Capitol building, to the clear and present danger of having elected officials that participated, and continue to aid and abet it.”

Republican House Minority Leader Blake Filippi has said publicly that Representative Price should not be removed for simply attending what he thought was a lawful protest.

When ABC 6 reached out to Leader Filippi Tuesday to ask how House Republicans would vote on this resolution to remove the President and condemn the Capitol violence, he said he would not comment until its gone through the full committee process.

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