Rabid fox in Coventry prompts rabies alert

Courtesy of Coventry Animal Control

By: News Staff


COVENTRY, R.I. – A rabid fox was euthanized in Coventry on Wednesday after attacking two dogs and charging at an Animal Control Officer.

According to authorities, Animal Control Officers responded a home on Provident Place, for a report that a report that a rabid fox had attacked the homeowner’s dogs.

Upon arrival, the first Animal Control Officer was charged by the fox, and called for back up.

Once the second Animal Control Officer arrived, both were able to secure the fox with their catch poles.

Authorities say the fox was subsequently euthanized and taken to the Department of Health where the animal tested positive for rabies.

The dogs were not injured in the incident, but the dogs and their owner are being treated for rabies exposure.

Police advise if assistance is needed for getting your pet vaccinated, or if you believe you had contact with this animal please contact Coventry Animal Control at 401-822-9106.

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