Rabid Raccoon on loose in North Kingstown

By: liz tufts


     Families in a North Kingstown neighborhood are trying to
avoid going outside because of a raccoon still on the loose after a
vicious attack.

     Pictures are all that Ann Best has right now to remember
her dog Riley. The Sheppard Lab is spending the next 6 months in quarantine
at the local dog pound after being attacked by a rabid raccoon. “He's pretty tough, ” says Ann Best.

    But Best admits she's not as tough. She can't get the horrid sounds out of her head from Monday night when the rabid animal crept into her backyard on Hertiage Road which the DEM says was probably looking for food, typical in the
winter. “That screaming, it's terrifying because it's so
violent, ” describes Best.

     It all started here at her neighbors home across the street. “My neighbors two boys were out in the yard and they turned
and saw a big raccoon, ” says Best. An 8 year old boy was the animals first victim. “It latched on to the ankle of boy..he ran into the house and
the raccoon was on his leg, ” says Best.

    The raccoon then attacked the boy's dog and took off. It then jumped a fence and ended up in Ann Best's backyard with her dog. “The next thing you know he's in this big brawl, the raccoon grabbed on to his jaw and wouldn't let go, ” adds Best.

     Best and her 16-year-old son could only watch as their dog
was being mauled. Her son was eventually able to get the raccoon off of the Sheppard Lab but Riley was in pretty bad shape. “I had let his rabies lapse a few months so that's not good, ” says Best.

     That's why Riley will spend the next few months in
quarantine. “He might end up dying, ” says Best.

     The little boy is being treated for rabies and is expected to be okay. Same with his dog, which has had all his shots.