Raimondo: Strict restrictions coming for Thanksgiving

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Governor Gina Raimondo said in her weekly press conference Thursday that she’ll be announcing strict restrictions ahead of Thanksgiving to help stop the spread of coronavirus in Rhode Island.

Raimondo said if the state continues on the current path, we could be in lockdown by Thanksgiving. She pointed to the rise in cases and hospitalizations, and how the state’s hospitals are overwhelmed and filling beds fast.

“I’m asking you to stay home, not to travel, and to celebrate Thanksgiving with the people you live with,” Raimondo said.

She blamed the latest spike in cases on people gathering on Halloween.

“Start now planning for new traditions so that you can stay home and stay local, because, as I just said, we’re struggling now due to what happened on Halloween and I can’t let that happen with Thanksgiving, which is a much bigger holiday.”

“Usually we would just either go see some friends that we haven’t seen in a while, or I’d go out and I’d go visit my friends’ families, but not this year,” said Julianna Roa of Warwick.

Roa, a high school student, said her family of four is going to stay home.

“You gotta be safe, especially cause I play on the soccer team for my high school. You can’t catch covid right now, it’s dangerous, so we’re just gonna stay home.”

So is Dave Courmoyer, who usually travels out of state.

“Normally we will travel to New Hampshire where my daughter and son-in-law live and my grandkids.”

This year, Courmoyer and his wife won’t be sticking to their tradition. He said the risk isn’t worth it.

“We’re staying home. We’re gonna just hang out at the house and do our own thing with a small turkey. We’re both retired. I’m 78, my wife is 76. We got a few more years left and we don’t wanna rush it. Why take the risk?”

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