Raimondo orders all employees at customer-facing businesses to wear cloth face covers

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – At Governor Gina Raimondo’s Tuesday press briefing she announced an executive order mandating all employees of customer-facing businesses, office-based businesses, manufacturers and nonprofits wear cloth face coverings when they are at work.

Business must provide face coverings for their employees. Face coverings can include scarves, bandanas, and other homemade and non-factory-made masks.

The order will take effect Saturday to give employers time to comply.

Additionally, all customer-facing businesses must take steps to remind customers to wear face coverings. That means they should be putting up signs at the door reminding customers to wear a face covering inside.

The only exceptions from these rules are for anyone whose health would be in jeopardy because of wearing a face covering or any children under 2 years old

She encourages everyone to where a mask. If you are a person who does not have a cloth face covering, she encourages you to be asking where to get a mask. Read the governor’s executive order, here.

Governor Raimondo Gives Update on Covid-19

Posted by ABC6 News on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Additionally, she reported the state has 275 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases to 3,251.

She also sadly announced an additional 7 deaths, bringing the state’s total death count to 80 people. Currently 213 people are hospitalized for COVID-19.

Raimondo stated the state is still experiencing a widespread phase of the virus. Currently the state is testing 2,000 plus people per day, and Rhode Islanders should not be alarmed by the daily numbers.

The governor also stated that the stay-at-home order is still in effect. She understands how tired everyone is from being cooped up, but abiding by the social distancing rules will help us get back to a sense of normal more quickly.

Contact tracing continues to be extremely helpful in stopping the spread of the virus. The hope is to, very soon, have an electronic app where people who test positive for COVID-19 will be surveyed electronically about their symptoms.

In addition, the goal is for health officials to be in touch with positive patients within a few short hours of receiving their positive test results. Everyone should be keeping their contact tracing log daily of who you were in contact with and where you were. You should be in contact with the same 5 people.

The governor stated that evictions can not happen as the state courts are closed through May 17 and utilities for residents can not be shut off or past due amounts can not go to collections for both residents and commercial businesses.

Open enrollment through Health Source RI has been extended until April 30 to give those without coverage a chance to sign up.

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