Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

 By: Chelsea Priest


Supporters, survivors and names in memory of breast cancer victims all cover the wall at Dennis Moffitt Painting on Kingstown Rd. in Wakefield. Mike Moffitt explains, “we came up with the idea of really trying to get the community involved and letting them take part of it and it turned out really, really great.”

Moffitt came up with the idea of leaving a paint can outside of the building and inviting people to come and sign their names or write the name of a loved one. He had no idea just how full the wall would get, “we had about 25 names the first week and I was really happy, I thought, Wow, this is great! Then the second, third week it took off.”

Since the mural went up on October 6th, nearly 500 people have come to sign the wall, at all hours of the day. Moffitt said, “my wife drove by one night around 9PM and saw somebody on somebody else’s shoulders trying to find a spot.”

Every month or so the mural changes so the Breast Cancer Awareness wall will only be up for a few more days. When asked if next years October mural would once again be dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, Moffitt didn’t hesitate to answer, “of course, how could you not.”

(C) WLNE-ABC6 2014