Rare supermoon lunar eclipse comes Sunday

By Ana Bottary


If you take a look up in the sky Sunday night, you’ll see something, that hasn’t been seen in more than 30–years.  A supermoon and lunar eclipse, all in one.

"it’s the coincidence of the moon being in earths shadow being at it’s closest at full moon that’s happening,"says Brown University Physics Professor Ian Dell’Antonio.

The supermoon will appear about ten percent bigger, and 30 percent brighter than a regular full moon.

Dell’antonio says star gazers will be able to watch the lunar eclipse with the naked eye. As the moon will not completely fade at any point in the night.

"Some of the suns light will actually bend around earths atmosphere so the moon will appear reddish and faint once it is fully eclipsed,"adds Dell’Antonio.

For the best view, Abc 6 Meteorologist Steve Cascione says you’ll need to head to a dark spot.

" Any place that there is not a lot of light, you know away from the city lights. And certainly street lights and down into the country side,"says Cascione.

As of right now, the forecast is looking a bit cloudy, which could affect peoples view. The good news is the event will last about 3 hours! That means there should be more than enough time to catch a glimpse at some point in the night.

"so going in coming back out and observing ordinarily you’re eyes would need some time to adjust but the moon is nice and bright so you can do this as sort of a part time event,"says Dell’Antonio.

So whether you plan to take a quick glance, or attend a viewing party, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Your next chance for a supermoon lunar eclipse, won’t be until 2033.