Raynham Pizza Delivery Man Beaten and Robbed

           A pizza delivery man walked right into a trap in Taunton, robbers left him beaten and broke, his cash and wallet stolen. Rory McDonald says he's been working at the Raynham House of Pizza for years and this is the first time he's been robbed. Still, the frightening experience is changing things, not only for McDonald, but also for his employer.

          “It's kind of unnerving that people are that desperate that I have to watch my back,” said McDonald.

           For eight years, delivering food for the Raynham House of Pizza has been part of 30-year-old Rory McDonald's routine. But what happened over the weekend has changed the way he does business.

           McDonald explained, “as I looked down to get the food out of the warming bag I just got hit in the side of the head with I think a stick or a two-by-four.”

          McDonald says the restaurant took a call from somebody ordering a pizza and subs to be delivered to Park Street in Taunton.  When he pulled up, two men were waiting outside who claimed they'd ordered the food.

         “So I pulled up this way I rolled my window down I got out and walked around the car,” said McDonald.

          Next thing McDonald remembers, he was on the ground, his hard earned money and wallet gone. 200 dollars of his own cash and gift cards stolen, plus hundreds more from deliveries.

          “I needed that money to pay my car insurance so I can keep working,” said McDonald.

          We spoke to the woman who actually lives at the place where the pizza was ordered to.  Dorothy McKenny says she didn't order the pizza, but this crime has happened in front of her house before. In fact, some local businesses won't stop there anymore.

         “They stopped coming for pizza and the cab drivers stop coming and it's sad because we didn't do it,” said McKenny.

           McDonald says from now on, he'll leave his wallet in the car. The restaurant is now requiring he only carry the change he needs for deliveries and it's refusing to deliver to anyone who doesn't leave a call back number.

          They're changes McDonald is happy to make, he's grateful he's here to tell the story.

          “It could have been worse they could have stabbed me,” said McDonald.

           McDonald was able to give police a good description of the suspects, but so far there are no arrests in the case.