Recreation Center Reopens After Nearly a Decade

A devastating fire ripped through New Bedfords Andre McCoy Recreation Center in 2002. It could have easily been torn down but the center prevailed and reopened today.

Built in the 1930's as part of the New Bedford Vocational School, the center has seen it's fair share of athletes. Sadly, for the past decade the center has sat unused. Jon Mitchell, Mayor of New Bedford says the reopening of this center is just what the community needs, “one of the things we struggle with here in New Bedford is getting kids occupied and giving them something to do with their time that's constructive, something they can learn from and with, and this is it.”

Both the first and second floors have been completely renovated and next on the list is to update the basement level. The center has two open houses this week, one on Wednesday from 5PM to 7PM and one on Friday from 5PM to 7PM. The center will be fully open next week for the New Bedford February vacation.