Red Sox planning Changes for Fenway Park’s 100th

      The Red Sox might change the order of the honored
numbers on the right-field facade back to the sequence in which
they were retired.
      They have been hung in chronological order for about the last 10
      The change would be in conjunction with the ballpark's 100th
anniversary next year.
      The numbers originally were displayed as they were added. But
that left them as 9-4-1-8 – the date of the last World Series the
franchise had won and an unpleasant reminder that it had been
almost a century since the team's last title.
      But now the Red Sox have won two championships since then. Four
more numbers have been retired: Carlton Fisk, Johnny Pesky, Jim
Rice and the No. 42 for Jackie Robinson.
      The other retired numbers were for Bobby Doerr, Joe Cronin, Carl
Yastrzemski and Ted Williams.
      Rice said Wednesday he thinks they should go back to the old
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