Reed calls for changes in Marine Corps culture, social media

By: News Staff

Twitter: @ABC6

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed is calling on the Marine Corps to make swift changes in culture and social media policy after revelations that former Corps members shared nude photos of female Marines online.              

Reed, a Democrat, is ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which held a hearing Tuesday on the misuse of a private Facebook group.              

A U.S. Army veteran, Reed says “the nonconsensual posting of explicit photos of female Marines on a public website is repugnant and just plain wrong.”

He says those who’ve served in the military “know the value of a cohesive unit.”              

He says there’s “simply no room for behavior that humiliates and degrades a fellow service member.”              

Reed says a thorough investigation is needed to hold offenders accountable for their criminal conduct.

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