Renewed push to find Pawtucket robber

Almost a year after a violent robbery in Pawtucket police are making a renewed push to catch the man responsible.

Police re-released the surveillance footage of the robbery that happened last November at the Midland Farms on West Ave on their Facebook page.

"It’s such good quality video on this case that it was determined that we should make another push out to the pubic to see if they can help us identify the suspect," said Sgt. Paul Brandley.

The robber tried to take some cigarettes which lead to a confrontation with the clerk. The suspect then proceeds to assault the clerk and smash the register. He got away with about $200.

"It’s hard. I mean unless he is someone that an officer has dealt with and sees the video and can identify from being out in the field and field experience we really rely upon the public to all the sudden look at the video and realize they know that individual,” said Brandley.

Revisiting old cases like this is something Sgt. Brandley says the department does often.

"We routinely go through and review open cases for possible leads,” said Brandley.

You can view the full video on the Pawtucket Police Departments Facebook page.

Anyone with information on the identity of the suspect is asked to contact the Pawtucket Police Department at 401-727-9100 ext 828 and refer to report # 14-6931-OF.

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