Rep. Cicilline Hosts Social Network Safety Meeting

Social networks like Facebook can often be a minefield for parents to try and navigate on their own.

Monday night a public discussion provided some guidance for parents and their children.

The discussion was hosted by Congressman David Cicilline.

It offered advice to both parents and students, on ways to report inappropriate language and bullying online.

Facebook and other social networking sites do have built in tools that can help stop cyber-bullying, so long as parents and students, know where to look.

Cyber-bullying is an issue that Representative Cicilline has been working on, during his time in Washington, even sponsoring legislation to try and stop cyber-bullying from getting out of hand.

A study released last year by the state of Rhode Island, showed that at least 16-percent of high school students, reported being bullied in 2009.

Cyber-bullying is an issue that lawmakers and school officials are taking very seriously in New England and nationwide.