Representatives from cities and towns to promote bill that would make mail-in and early voting permanent in R.I.


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- The Rhode Island Voting Access Coalition (RIVAC) held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon to promote the Let R.I. Vote Act, a bill that would make mail-in and early voting permanent in the Ocean State.

The group cites the record-breaking voter turnout in Rhode Island from the 2020 election as reason to put the bill into law.

More than 60% of the votes from that election came from early and mail-in voting, according to RIVAC.

A second bill that the group is advocating for would allow same-day voter registration.

“In 2020, over 520,000 Rhode Islanders safely and securely voted either from home with a mail ballot, early in-person, or on Election Day. Every one of these votes counted and mattered. This is fundamental to our democracy. At a time when we see states working to restrict voting options for their citizens, Rhode Island must continue to be a leader in voting access.” said Secretary of State  Nellie Gorbea.

Gorbea continues, “Systems and rules that made sense generations ago don’t always work today. That’s why I have led efforts to modernize elections laws in Rhode Island by working to pass online voter registration, automated voter registration, and early in-person voting. I’m also proud of how our investments in systems such as new voting machines and electronic poll books have improved elections for every voter. Our work is proof that you can improve access to the ballot box while securing every vote. 

As Rhode Island Secretary of State, I will once again stand with RIVAC to call on the General Assembly to pass the Let RI Vote Act and codify much-needed changes like removing the state’s stringent and outdated requirement of two witnesses or a notary to vote by mail.” 

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