Rescued fighting dog to be adopted

Photo: Humane Society of the United States

By Dana Griffin


PROVIDENCE, RI- Some dogs rescued from several dog fighting rings in the Deep South have made their way to Providence.

It's the second largest dog fighting rescue in U.S. history.

Over four hundred dogs were held as evidence in these cases. Tillie, survivor #367 is now in Providence, waiting to get well enough for adoption.

She's friendly and loves to be rubbed.

Back in August, Tillie was found chained. She had been used as a breeding dog. Because of the conditions, she suffers from broken legs, tumors, and heart worms.

Area rescue group, “Handsome Dan's” has been caring for four of the 400 rescued dogs.

Rescuers say they're not aggressive, and a notable dog fighting case has helped rescuers realize these dogs deserve new homes.

“A dog like Tillie would have just been euthanized if she was taken from that background. Because of that, the Vick dog fighting case, dogs are evaluated as individuals. So, you can see, Tillie is a loving, sweet dog; predictable, loyal. She just wants to be your friend,” said Mark Stoutzenberger.

The other dogs will likely be adopted within the next few months. Tillie however won't be ready for adoption for possibly a year.

Ten suspects were arrested and indicted on felony dog fighting charges from that bust. If convicted, they could face up to 5 years in prison.

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