Residents say Providence’s ‘Peeping Tom’ has been an ongoing issue

PROVIDENCE, R.I (WLNE) — Residents of Providence’s East Side say “Peeping Toms” are nothing new in their area.

Djefte Paul, a Rhode Island Public Transit Authority driver, was charged this week with with two counts of disorderly conduct.

Paul, 33, is connected to two incidents this week on Wickendon and Williams streets in Providence.

“There was one time where my boyfriend woke me up, and there was someone looking at us through the window,” said Sophia Marino, a resident of the area. “I remember that so clearly. There would be points in time where I would literally just jolt awake because I would think someone is watching me.”

“My other roommate had experienced a point where she heard someone pleasuring themselves outside her window. So, we assumed it was the same person,” she continued.

Another East Side resident shared a similar story.

“A peeper would always be stomping on the storm drain and rattling on the windows, and kind of just peeping in through the windows of our house,” said Camille Ivory, a student in the area.

“We put weapons in our home to protect ourselves. We have wood on the windows so no one can get in. Our landlord put up a gate and everything, because we had to email him one time about it. We’ll definitely still have our guard up. But, I think we’ll be a little more relaxed, and maybe we’ll just sleep a little bit better at night now,” she concluded.

Paul pleaded guilty to both charges. He has been put on administrative leave, according to RIPTA.

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