ABC 6 GETS ACTION: Trash Picked Up After 3 Weeks

After neighbors complained to ABC 6's “Voice of the People”, a Providence sanitation crew picked up trash Thursday that had piled up for 3 weeks.

The city had not picked up the trash at the Candace Street home because of the requirement that recycling bins be placed out with the trash.

The home is under foreclosure, and the tenants told ABC 6 that the owner did not provide them.

Neighbors were fed up with the odor and the eyesore.

When ABC 6 asked the city's Department of Public Works about it on Wednesday, they promised to pick up the trash.

And the crew showed up first thing Thursday morning.


In Providence, city garbage collection is behind schedule due to Sunday's snow storm. Monday's pick-up was canceled.

Snow, however; isn't the biggest problem impacting one local neighborhood's trash problem, which dates back three weeks.

ABC6 Reporter John Guice was on Candace St. in Providence, where people are getting fed up. He has their story in today's “Voice of the People” report…