Resolutions on schools, Port of Providence approved by city council


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PROVIDENCE (WLNE)- Resolutions calling for transparency in school spending and a review of development at the Port of Providence were approved at the Providence City Council meeting Thursday night.

“Nearly a year ago, the city council approved Mayor Elorza’s proposal to bond up to $20 million for improve the health and safety of the city’s public schools,” said Councilman David Salvatore. “Our constituents deserve to have a transparent and efficient mechanism to see where the city is spending these bond dollars, and where they are making repairs to our public schools.”

The resolution requires the Director of Public Property and the mayor to provide monthly reports to the city council detailing “the location, type, and cost of all school building repairs that are ongoing in the city… as well as a detailed outline of the administration’s plan to address the facility and capital improvement needs of all public school buildings within the city moving forward.”

Another resolution seeks to review redevelopment plans in the Port of Providence.

“For far too long the area along the waterfront on Allen’s Avenue has been a dumping ground for toxic waste, and businesses that are creating very serious quality of life issues four our residents,” said Councilman Pedro Espinal, who introduced the resolution.

According to a statement the councilman released, neighborhoods surrounding the port area have the highest rates of childhood asthma.

The resolution requires additional review by the Providence Redevelopment Agency, the Providence Planning Department, and the Providence City Plan Commission before any redevelopment can be undertaken that might degrade the property value, health, or environment of neighborhoods surrounding the port.

Both resolutions passed unanimously by the council.





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