Restaurants adapting to live music regulations

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – If you’re headed out to take in some live music at a restaurant, you will not be allowed to dance in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Constantino’s Venda Bar here usually offers live music every night. However this past weekend was the first time they had a band perform since being shut down.

“Everyone loves the music,” said Manager Ray DePetrillo. “That’s what brings a lot more people to the square.”

DePetrillo tells ABC 6 they’re planning to stick with weekends so as not to invite over- crowding.

“Live music always leads to crowds,” said DePetrillo.

Guests must stay seated no matter how much they want to bust a move.

“You don’t want to tell someone they can’t dance really,” said DePetrillo. “At the same time you got to follow the rules and keep everyone safe.”

Down the street at Opa Restaurant, it used to be packed with people on Wednesday and Sunday nights listening and dancing to music, but no more.

“It’s a big amount of money that’s usually generated those two nights,” said Owner Joseph Karam. Now, Karam tells ABC 6, he’s hoping to add some outdoor music on weekends.

“We’re not going to be able to play the regular music that makes people jump up and down. I think let’s go with the soft because none of us wants to go back two months ago when we had to shut down,” said Karam.

The other state guidelines related to live music require that there is at least 14 feet of physical distance between the performers and patrons unless the band is wearing masks or there is some type of barrier between them.

Either way, patrons cannot gather.

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