Restaurant owners to the Governor-Please don’t raise the meal tax

One of the most talked about tax proposals is the meal and beverage tax that would be increased from eight to ten percent.

Bob Bacon has owned Gregg's Restaurant for four years,he totally disagrees with the proposal to raise the meal and beverage tax, saying it would severely impact his ability to maintain employment levels and give training to employees.

He also says, thousands of dollars would be lost to potential conventioneers who might see the increase in the meal and beverage tax as a detriment to coming to Rhode Island.

Marissa Lytle loves to eat out and does not want to see an increase in the tax but says, with all the turmoil over the budget, the cuts will have to come from somewhere.

94-year old Doris Read is in a restaurant 3 and four times a week, she has a suggestion as to how the Governor can raise revenue,saying “he should drop his salary a little, he gets too much for what he does'.The meal and tax proposal is just-a proposal until the General Assembly and Senate pass the measures.