Retail Stores Recruiting Seasonal Workers

                Seasonal work used to be a second job for people looking to make some extra money before the holidays, but a lousy economy is changing all of that, making temporary jobs a necessity.  The Department of Labor and Training is working with local retailers to help recruit workers this holiday season.

                 The National Retail Federation predicts sales will increase 2.8 percent from last year and 500,000 jobs will be up for the taking.

                 Chief of Labor and Training, Connie Parks says, “where you may have had a certain group of people looking in the past I think now it's on the table for everybody that could add a few extra dollars to the household.” 

                 This is the first year Rhode Island's Department of Labor and Training has teamed up with local stores to help recruit workers for the holiday season. Thirteen stores participated in a hiring spree throughout Rhode Island today.

                 90 people came in and filled out applications at the thirteen stores participating in the seasonal retail recruitment, twelve were hired today.