Retired Hasbro CEO takes the stand for a second day in embezzlement trial

Retired CEO of Hasbro, Alan Hassenfeld takes the stand for the second day in a row, testifying in the embezzlement trial of Dan Doyle. Friday it was the defense’s turn to ask the questions.

"Mr Hassenfeld do you recall testifying before the state wide grand jury on august 8th of 2012? I don’t remember the exact date but yes I do."

On Thursday Hassenfeld was questioned by the prosecutor. He was shown various documents with his name on them that he said he had never signed.
Friday in court, Doyle’s attorney pulled from a statement Hassenfeld had made to the grand jury back in 2012.
Hassenfeld says he had committed half a million dollars towards the construction of a second building for the institute. But today Doyle’s attorney pointed out that some documents Hassenfeld signed were more vague, saying the money was for more than just construction. Hassenfeld denied that.

A photo was pulled up of Hassenfeld from an event in New York. A citation under the photo describes him as Chair of the Institute for International Sport.
Yesterday, Hassenfeld testified that he was never on the board, and that his name was being misused.

"Dan forgive me on this, I don’t remember receiving an award that night," says Hassenfeld.

Hassenfeld shook the hand of Dan Doyle, and his attorney before he left the court room.

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