Revel Lounge claims surveillance footage and security system will prove police wrong

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): Revel Lounge & Bistro claims surveillance footage and their security system will prove police were wrong, after shutting down the nightclub for violating COVID-19 guidelines.

Knight Life Security is in charge of the club’s security and shared exclusive video with ABC6 of video when police broke up the party happening inside on Sunday morning.

“I said while I have a camera and two systems so we can verify and argue the case,” Alex Peralta, co-owner of Knight Life Security said.

Providence Police said they counted nearly 400 people at the club, exceeding capacity by more than 200 people. However, Peralta said they got the number wrong.

“We ID everyone through an ID scanning system called vemos,” Peralta said. “It’s a national ID scanning system. Nobody goes into this club without some type of identification. That is also an actual count that goes into a list through the software.”

Peralta said according to that list, 219 people, not including staff, came into the club Saturday night.

“For the record we all respect law enforcement, but we can’t make claims when you are coming at the end of the night,” Peralta said. “It’s 2 a.m. you can clearly miscount.”

The assistant manager also showed ABC6 news exclusive video from inside the club that night. Although the video clearly shows a crowded room, Johanna Arias claims the majority of people are sitting and distanced.

However, Arias said she hopes to work together with police and the state in order to keep her business running. She said it’s hard enough as it is working in nightlife with these restrictions.

“They aren’t allowed to dance, they must wear a mask while walking around,” Arias said. “Technically in order for you to drink you need to take your mask off.”

According to the police, this is not the first time the nightclub was shut down. In September, they were forced to close for a week after violating COVID-19 restrictions.

Providence Police are expected to present their case to the Board of Licenses Wednesday.



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