Rhode Island Food Bank trying to raise 50,000 lbs. of food for the needy

Information from the Rhode Island Food Bank:

Island businesses and residents have shared a common goal this summer: making
sure no Rhode Islander goes hungry. The Rhode Island Community Food Bank announced
today that it has collected more than 100,000 pounds of food toward its Summer
Food Drive goal: 150,000 pounds by August 31.

drive is particularly critical because food donations tend to drop during the summer,
and yet the need remains high,” says Food Bank Chief Executive Officer Andrew
Schiff.  Families with children who are
eligible for free and reduced-price school lunches during the school year often
find it hard to fill that gap during the summer.

Rhode Island businesses have stepped up to hold major food drives and
fundraisers this summer,” says Schiff. “We're also very grateful to the
individuals and families – including lots of children — who have already
donated food or funds this summer. Now, we need more Rhode Islanders to pitch
in. We're asking individuals, families and small businesses to help us reach
our goal by conducting local food drives.”

the 100,000 pounds received thus far, approximately 20,000 pounds came from
small food drives and individuals who delivered their food directly to the Food
Bank's Providence facility. The remainder has come from large food industry
donations, including Ocean State Job Lot, and major food drives held at area

Food Bank will provide posters and collection boxes to anyone interested in
conducting a food drive. For more information, contact Farris Maxwell at
401-942-6325 Ext. 224 or fmaxwell@rifoodbank.org, or visit www.rifoodbank.org/SummerFoodDrive.

and individuals can get involved by bringing donations directly to the Food
Bank's facility at 200 Niantic Avenue in Providence any weekday between 8 am and
5 pm.

donations can be made at www.rifoodbank.org/SummerFoodDrive. Every dollar donated
enables the Food Bank to acquire more than three pounds of nutritious food.

thirty years ago, the Food Bank's now serves more than 60,000 people every
month through its statewide network of emergency food programs. A third of the
people served are children under the age of 18.

Rhode Island Community Food Bank
is a non-profit organization located in Providence,
RI. The Food Bank solicits, stores and distributes food products donated by
supermarkets, wholesalers, food processors, local farmers and community food
drives. The food is then distributed to the Food Bank's statewide network of 248
member agency programs. In the past fiscal year, the Food Bank distributed 9.4
million pounds of food. For more information about the Food Bank, please visit www.rifoodbank.org.